Platinum Information Services Launches SMART Suite

August 1st, 2009

(Hampton, IL) The first in the Platinum Storage Management and Recovery Tool (SMART) Suite, SMART Basic has been released.  SMART-B is a perfect back up solution for companies with single servers, laptops and desktops.  This service can move servers from the unstructured backup methodologies such as tape, CD-Rom, and external hard drives.  Conventional backup systems are not optimal because there is no proactive detection of backup problems before performing restoration, offsite tape storage of tape is expensive, reduced flexibility for backup caused by fixed capacity per media backup, and the increase likelihood of occurrence of negligence-induced problems (e.g. lost or misplaced data).

SMART Basic can be adapted to any situation that involves a single server, individual laptop or desktop.  While SMART Enterprise is a disk-to-disk solution for multiple servers and thousands of laptops and desktops.   SMART-E is a powerful disaster recovery tool that can have a company up and running in as little as 15 minutes that contains a built-in archiving system that allows restore time to any 15 minute interval time stamp.

For more information on the SMART Suite please email or call 1.866.967.6500 x506.  Click here to read more about SMART.  Find out how SMART can reduce downtime and flat line business expenses for you.