Platinum 24×7 Proactive Management

With 24×7 Proactive Management, Platinum’s staff monitors device alerts, filters alarms and does the problem analysis for you. Our Network Operation Center (NOC) provides 24 hour, 7 day per week visibility with monitoring and management of Windows-based equipment. Your staff will be allowed to focus their efforts on project work and strategic initiatives, instead of keeping up with alerts while IT costs are flat-lined for consistent budgeting.

Reduce investment in infrastructure

There is no additional investment in pricey software or hardware with Platinum 24×7. Its simply an agent installed on a server that performs a network discovery so you don’t have to manually enter thousands of pieces of information. The agent rolls the information into one portal for ease of use under a single pane of glass. Perfect for multiple locations!

Increase asset utilization

Your overworked IT staff can now be proactive to network events instead of reactive after a failure. Platinum 24×7 works with onsite IT staff to complete the less glamorous tasks of patching and updating applications. Patches and updates can be scheduled after hours or pushed out manually once they have been checked against other applications and whitelisted.

Cost Replacement

Every company needs anti-virus and anti-spyware. Platinum 24×7 can be a cost replacement for these items and you only pay for what you need. No more overbuying on software that won’t be used.

Other features of Platinum 24×7 Proactive Management:

Personal Phone Alert & Problem Analysis: On receiving a Critical alert, the NOC team investigates the compromised system and makes a personal call alerting your team about the occurrence of that Critical event. A call to you is made within 15 minutes of receiving the alert. Subsequently our expert team swings into action to analyze the cause of the problem and document the steps for resolution.

Security/Preventative Maintenance Services: Platinum’s NOC services includes White and Black-listing of critical Microsoft (OS & applications) security patches and many more preventative maintenance services. Flexible installation of these patches can be done either by Platinum or your staff.

Asset Tracking: Comprehensive tracking of all software and hardware included on each server and desktop. Asset tracking provides information on configuration, software and computer identification to allow prompt problem resolution.

Custom Reporting: Device reporting for your servers, workstations and printers. These reports will include information for technical changes in assets, Microsoft updates, Spyware and Antivirus as well as customized reporting based on your needs.