Spam Filtering

One of the many ways a virus can enter and infect your network is through email. With the threat of viruses increasing every day, Platinum Spam Filtering can help reduce the risk by stopping harmful emails from reaching end users’ inboxes. Features like whitelisting and blacklisting give your employees the ability to control the emails they need to review or block emails from senders they don’t want.

To avoid costly onsite spam filter devices, Platinum has devised a hosted spam filter to cover client needs. By using a hosted solution there is also no software to install and reduces the load on your email servers, by off-loading the spam filtering to Platinum infrastructure. Platinum technicians work daily to eliminate threats that could be harmful to your network. In addition to giving end users the ability to whitelist emails they want to see or blacklist sender they don’t want making their way into inboxes, Platinum spam filtering also provides anti-spoofing and anti-phishing.

New governmental regulations have been passed that require industries dealing with sensitive financial or medical information to encrypt outbound emails so only the intended recipient can view the information contained within. Because of this many companies are purchasing outbound encryption softwares and appliances, and there’s no need for it. With Platinum Spam Filtering we can simply enable this feature that will scan emails going out for social security numbers, date of birth, credit card numbers, etc. and when found, encrypt the email. The recipient will then receive an email requiring them login to an account and securely view their email. Outbound email encryption can be set up per user and can automatically scan emails for sensitive information or individual emails can be manually encrypted with the click of a button. This is one good way to protect your company as well as your clients from potentially damaging breaches of security.