Virtual Engineer

Virtual Engineer removes the expense of employing a network administrator for a company that doesn’t need one. Through remote tools and excellent helpdesk support, Platinum can devise a solution tailored to your environment. We feature a skilled technical staff with many areas of expertise to interface between you and your software and service providers. Platinum technicians perform total network installation so the people that are supporting and maintaining your server infrastructure are the people who build it and know it best.

Virtual Engineer support is a fixed monthly support fee for servers based on the number of servers in your environment. From a single server to multiple we can take care of the menial tasks of maintaining, patching and updating hardware and software. Also, if any major issues arise, Platinum will deploy technical staff to resolve problems.

Platinum provides executive reports on server health as well as any communication for scheduled downtime for maintenance. Reboot schedules are planned at the implementation of a Virtual Engineer program so there are no surprises for end users and these are often completed after hours.

Equipment leasing can accompany a Virtual Engineer support agreement, in which case, your servers will remain under warranty for the duration of the lease. Manufacturer warranties cover manufacturer supplied replacement hardware and onsite labor, reducing your downtime. This also ensures you will not encounter added hardware or support expenses on the covered servers for the duration of your support contract. Platinum can support as little as one server in an environment or multiple servers depending on the needs of the company and onsite staff technical abilities.

Contact Platinum to find out how we can help remove some of the IT burden from you onsite staff so they can focus on their main priorities.