Who We Serve

Platinum serves all levels of the business world through its services and products. We are primarily positioned as a Managed Service Provider but through our unique combination of products we can offer expertise to the smallest of companies to largest enterprise corporations.

Small companies will find our end-to-end outsourced IT solutions the most beneficial so they can focus on what they do best. Small and medium sized companies may feel they need an onsite, full-time IT professional when in reality they can essentially split that cost with other companies through the IT Complete or Virtual Engineer program. We serve clients in most professional settings as well as manufacturing areas, such as legal, construction, insurance, medical, transportation and municipalities.

For companies that are large enough to have onsite staff to take care of the daily operations, Platinum technical staff can be a trusted partner and also behind the scenes eyes and ears for your network. With Platinum 24×7 and Platinum SMART, we can offer IT staff a single pane of glass for all locations as well as individualized back for remote offices. Our Enterprise level solutions can serve any company with an internal IT staff or multiple locations.