Platinum Streamlined IT

Platinum Helpdesk software can help your internal IT professionals manage ticket loads and offer knowledge base articles composed by other technicians utilizing Platinum Streamlined IT.

WIth every growing technology needs, your internal IT staff needs a way to keep track of their tickets and the work that has been complete.  Platinum’s Streamlined IT can do just that for you will giving your IT staff access to knowledge base articles composed by other IT professionals that have encountered the same problems.  With each encounter, the article notes are amended to include the most current information in resolving the issue.  The knoweledge base articles are helpful for internal IT staff that may not see certain network events often but if they are not finding the information they need Streamlined IT also gives them access to Platinum Helpdesk technicians and engineers so and the answer is never far away.

Streamlined IT can also give your company the professional IT continuity you might need.  With vacation schedule and other commitments, Platinum can act as a backup for your internal IT staff.  Because we have access to your Streamlined IT, we can easily take the place of an internal staff member while he or she is on vacation.  We can easily step into the position and research all the history on machines that are having issues to quickly resolve any problems.

Tracking time and projects are also options of Platinum Streamlined IT.  Keep projects on track and staff appropriately utilized by creating boards with progress steps for each project.  by following a project service board steps in the process won’t be missed and you can easily see progress.

Other features of Platinum Streamlined IT are:

  • Ticketing, dispatching and time entry functionality
  • Track response time to IT issues
  • Track utilization of work coming into the Helpdesk
  • Ability to coordinate escalation plans and SLAs
  • End user web portal
  • Extension of the existing IT Department, if needed
  • Customized Knowledgebase Database
  • Project Service Board
  • Configurations (asset tracking)
  • Provide a backup to existing IT Department