Data Center Refresh / Projects

Large hardware refreshes can be accomplished with planning and ease with the help of our installation engineers. We work with onsite IT personnel to accomplish what may seem like the impossible. We work with many national manufactured hardware brands to supply clients with backend infrastructure from standard servers to SAN datacenters and all the connecting components.

Platinum starts with an assessment of the current environment and listens to onsite IT needs to build a system that is both fully functional and accommodates room for growth. Engineers work closely with vendors to create an all inclusive hardware and software solution and blueprints for implementation. Once the plan is laid out and approved by onsite IT staff, installation is scheduled. Platinum technicians will be onsite for the initial installation and work with hardware vendors to ensure the system is installed and functioning properly.

Depending on the size and number of servers, migration will be scheduled in an order that is suitable to onsite IT staff and to minimize work hours disruption. This could take place one evening or over the course of a few weeks. Our stall will be onsite to join and unjoin computers the day after a major conversion.

Platinum excels installing and maintaining wireless networking equipment. With wireless internet a requirement if doing business or reaching areas of a company that are not hardwired for network connection, we can devise solutions that will cover large areas as well multiple networks to restrict user access. Multiple locations are also a speciality since we can then flatten networks for offices to work seamlessly on the same servers.

If you have a daunting project in your future and you’re dreading the extra hours of night work or network downtime, see what Platinum can do for you. We have specialties in many areas that may not be listed and can split out parts of your project to make your workload more bearable.