Started by John Ferrell and Bob Mattison in 1999, they saw a need in the small to medium sized business market for server management. Many internal IT departments had time for project based work, but maintenance of their daily infrastructure was falling behind. Utilizing the Virtual Engineer product, John and Bob were able to help IT departments clean up their existing environments and help keep them running efficiently and quickly discovered a need for end user support. IT Complete was created to support the end user as well as servers for the small to medium sized companies that didn’t have an onsite IT person but needed the expertise to support their ever-evolving technology. As client needs grew Platinum staff grew as well as service offerings, starting with a helpdesk. With an internal state-side helpdesk, response to network issues is quicker and more personable than other IT companies, after all, Platinum’s a small business too. Over the years products have been added and partnerships with other technology vendors have been forged to offer clients a true end-to-end solution for their technology infrastructure. In 2010, the Clearwater, Florida branch was opened and has been striving since. Clients in Florida are now experiencing the same Midwest work ethic applied to their networks as Platinum clients in the Midwest. In a constant effort to bring clients cutting edge technology, John and Bob researched products and services for Platinum’s flagship client base that also opened other doors in the IT industry. 2014 brought a new venture in the enterprise market with Platinum 24×7 and Platinum Sync as well as mobile device management. The future is unknown but we’re excited to see where it takes us next.