Platinum Hosted Exchange

There are many services out there for email but are they providing you with an enterprise solution that fulfills your companies needs?  Platinum Hosted Exchange provides a full functioning hosted Exchange server for companies that don’t want to use hard drive space on their servers or want to use their own domain for a professional outward appearance.

Platinum Hosted Exchange provides the following:

  • Synchronization with cell phones, smartphones tablets and other devices
  • Email accounts for each user in your company as well as aliases such as info@ or sales@.
  • Individual calendars and internal shared calendars for scheduling ease
  • Personal and public contacts for individual use as well as company wide use
  • Tasks tracking and the ability to flag tasks and emails for follow up
  • Email backup and data storage
  • Email encryption
  • Use of multiple domains
  • Remote access to email through Outlook Web Access (OWA)
  • Spam Filtering
  • Disaster recovery capabilities

We work with our clients through every step of the migration process to ensure your Outlook inbox and other features look the way you want them to.  Platinum technicians will schedule mail migration on a weekend to avoid email downtime and give your old emails time to repopulate your new inbox.  Distribution contact lists will also move to you new Outlook as part of your data migration.  Our helpdesk can set up shared calendars and new email distribution list for you once the migration phase is finished, you just have to let us know the details.

Exchange administration also gives you the ability to maintain tight security through Platinum’s helpdesk.  Any issues you have or end user changes that need to be made can easily be done by calling or emailing Platinum’s Helpdesk.  technicians will quickly make the changes so you can go about your business.  Focus on what you do best and we’ll keep your electronic communications safe, secure and fully operational.