Leasing / Acquisition

When is the right time to upgrade network technology? In a perfect world, software would not out date itself and hardware would last forever. Since this isn’t the case companies need to create a strategy for dealing with aging equipment and devise a plan to replace it before emergency situations result in downtime.

Platinum Leasing Services can help with a road map for your future while reducing capital outlays and emergency situations. Through hardware and software leasing we are able to keep all your hardware on the same operating system version, as well as Microsoft Office and other productivity software versions, as well as keep hardware the same from user to user to eliminate end user confusion. Hardware and software is purchased at the same time and adding a component to your network after the initial installation can be easily done by adding to the lease as a conterminous lease schedule.

Leasing hardware and software not only eliminates the capital investment but gives you a monthly number to budget for instead of wondering if you’ll need to spend money next month on replacing a desktop, laptop or server. Most leases are on a three or five year basis so you know what your company’s overall cost will be. The only way your lease payment will increase is if you add another desktop, laptop or server.

Due to the length of leases, the hardware is also kept under manufacturer warranty to avoid any additional costs during the term of the lease. Purchasing the warranty upfront reduces the cost of the warranty if you were to renew it on an annual basis. Warranties are usually next business day and cover manufacturer parts and labor.

For more information on how theory of assessing your technology as a financial model versus a break/fix IT model, please read the article below. (Technology Cost Study)