Web Filtering Service

With the increasing attacks of ransom-ware viruses and a focus on end user productivity, web filtering is fast becoming a needed service to keep businesses operational. Web filter can block content based on site content or end user as well as stop harmful viruses from these website from being downloaded to the network.

Generally companies don’t know the websites their employees are visiting during work hours, they are only aware of increased virus traffic and decreased productivity. With company wide, easy to read reporting, management can see during the day when web surfing is most common as well as which users are the biggest offenders. Reports can be as granular as as individual employee or as broad as which content genres are most visited. Web usage policies can be implement for the whole network for on an individual basis.

Platinum’s Web Filtering solution contains predefined content filter categories that can be applied to all users or to individual end users based on their web surfing patterns. Specific genres can be chosen in the implementation process to limit user ability to get to websites that contain gambling or shopping features, for example. Additionally, individual website can be blocked for the entire network or for each individual user.

Platinum’s Web Filter also acts as another layer of security against viruses. With the recent influx of the Cryptolocker virus and other ransom-ware viruses, our web filter has proved to be a safeguard from letting these viruses download and infect networks. Ransom-ware viruses download files from the internet that lay dormant and then infect the network, encrypting files so the can’t be opened. Platinum’s Web Filter stops the the initial file download so the threat is stopped in its tracks.

Platinum offers two options for web filtering services that can be done at a network level or an individual desktop or laptop level.