Platinum Releases Platinum SMART Enterprise

November 1st, 2009

(Hampton, IL) Platinum launches Platinum Storage Management and Recovery Tool (SMART) Enterprise, the compliment to the successful Platinum SMART Basic.

According to a Survey conducted by Dell, 75% of all companies are expected to have a major email outage.  The consequences of these outages can range vastly costing companies time, revenue and clients.  Business continuity planning is the cornerstone of whether or not a company can recover after a major disaster.  Companies today need to be aware of the environmental hazards in a specific geographic location and regulatory compliance requirements in a given industry and be prepared to deal with these situations.

Platinum SMART Enterprise can have a company up and running in as little as fifteen minutes after a server failure or other disaster by using a Back up and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution that can be used as a specialized back up and virtual server appliance.  Archiving can be set to company specifics to allow back ups as often as every fifteen minutes giving the ability to restore to any 15 minute time stamped interval.  Both onsite and offsite storage are available with SMART Enterprise to increase security and fast recovery of files and emails.  Platinum SMART is perfect for the small to medium business utilizing one server to hundreds.

For more information on the Platinum SMART Suite email or call 1.866.967.6500 x506.  Click here to learn more about SMART and how it can reduce downtime.